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At Platinum Package Home Loans, every client is a platinum client. Our award-winning team has access to an extensive lending panel and can find the best possible home loan solution for your lifestyle and financial goals.

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First Home Buyers

As a first home buyer you are uniquely positioned to claim financial independence and home ownership. All with access to a host of exclusive advantages. We ensure you capitalise on all available special offers, interest rates and financial bonuses – and your best fit home loan too.


The right property investment strategy begins with having the right home loan. Kick your investment goals with our tailor-made investment loans, specialist financial advice and range of quality lenders.


Refinancing your home loan can bring you a host of cash flow and lifestyle benefits. We ensure refinancing comes with maximum ease, reward and swiftness – so you can enjoy the benefits sooner.

Borrowing capacity

Doing your sums to figure out your borrowing position? We can give you answers quickly, easily and efficiently. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you some expert insight into how much you can expect to borrow.

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Not all loans are the same. Our speciality is tailoring home loan packages to suit your budget and lifestyle.

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  • We have access to an extensive panel of quality lenders
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  • We specialise in tailoring home loan solutions to meet your goals and budget
  • Award-winning Mortgage Brokers are just a call away
  • We are completely independent – we work for you
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